Those Lowlife Lying Scumbags!

Unless you’ve been paying close attention, you haven’t been eating actual milk chocolate every time you’ve downed a Hershey Bar or some Kisses – just some vegetable oil concoction brought to you via the chemists at Hershey. They don’t use cocoa butter anymore for the texture because that way they can squeeze more money out of us all WHEN CHOCOLATE IS A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.

Okay, it isn’t. But I’d like it to be. And that’s practically the same thing.

Do I have to start reading the labels on every friggin candy bar I buy from now on like I’m some sort of LAWYER??? Bah.

At least the dark chocolate m&ms that I’m addicted to are made with real chocolate. And there’s always the pricey designer dark chocolate that they sell at Trader Joe’s. Sometimes the higher-end stuff even turns up at the 99 Cent Store. And don’t get me started on Sky Bars, which evidently can only be found at Galco’s Sodapopstop out here in Los Angeles…. unless I buy ’em in bulk and have them shipped… Tempting tempting…..

Want more candy? Check out Candyblog! Yum!

Just don’t forget to brush & floss….

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