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College Football Returns! August 29, 2008

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.

This weekend, all the big-time BCS schools begin their schedule, and it’s time for yours truly to get into the habit of being glued to the TV every weekend. Like I did towards the end of last season, I will post my weekly picks in both college & the pros here on this blog and keep a running virtual count of wins and losses. I’ll let the first week of college ball go by to give myself at least a little information to work with when Week Two’s point spreads are out there. I’ll probably do the same thing with the NFL, to gauge at least the beginning of how teams are playing. I NEVER bet actual money during a Vegas trip until at least several weeks into the season, so it will be interesting (at least to me, anyway) to see how early picks affect my totals. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get virtually lucky (insert cybersex joke here).

Our graphic is a posed shot of football Hall-of-Famer Fritz Pollard, MY FELLOW BROWN UNIVERSITY ALUM. So there. Follow the link to read all about him.

Okay, so his grades weren’t so great and he dropped out of Brown like most of the famous people who went there. But look at all the other cool stuff he did besides football!



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