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A Yardsale Adds To Hitchapalooza Yet Again! August 23, 2008

Posted by Jim Berkin in Movies.

Among today’s finds (along with some very nice books on beers of the world & Manet, if you’re curious) was a three disc DVD set of NINE (count ’em NINE!) early British Hitchcock films that wound up in the public domain and were issued on cheap DVD sets like this one – though getting it new & shrinkwrapped for only two bucks was probably cheaper than they planned.

I’ve already written about one of the films in the set, The 39 Steps, but the other eight will be on the way as I go through them. I’ve seen some of them, like The Lady Vanishes or the 1934 Man Who Knew Too Much, but a lot of them are in the never-seen category, like The Number 17, The Lodger, Secret Agent, Rich & Strange, Blackmail, and Sabotage. And despite the public domain/cheap DVD nature of the set, a quick look at some of them revealed that the print transfers are pretty good, and the sound, though a little hissy, is adequate. I mean, for two bucks, I could do worse!

So Hitchapalooza will be continued… 🙂



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