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Thank You, Adam Simon August 5, 2008

Posted by Jim Berkin in Television.

For articulating in this Times Online piece EXACTLY my reaction to the AMC television series Mad Men, which gets non-stop gushing blather from TV critics:

“It is just too condescending. I really can’t bear the it is so certain that it, and by extension its viewers, are so morally and culturally superior to the characters we’re watching — in fact, to the whole era it depicts.

“You get to revel in the cool atmosphere while feeling smugly superior to it. Oh, so sexist, so racist, so anti-semitic. So desperately in need of the sexual and cultural revolution waiting round the corner. It feels cheap in that sense, allowing us to pat ourselves on our backs for merely living on the other side of the great awakening.”

I lasted through two episodes and agree with Simon about the vibe the program gives off. Spare me. The world of Darrin Stephens may have been different than our own, but it wasn’t the frat boy free for all depicted in the pretentious PC-by-opposite-example pap here. Watch movies or television shows depicting office life & secretaries from that time, and while the attitudes of the people might not fit our 2008 sensibilities, you’d be surprised by how similar the reaction of both men and women to the kinds of bullying macho rudeness depicted as par-for-the-course on Mad Men is to today. Before lawyers & sensitivity training sessions, there were simple common courtesy & manners.

Oh, and women who knew their place.

“Can you believe Jim still isn’t married?”



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