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The Parallel Universe Film Guide August 2, 2008

Posted by Jim Berkin in Blogroll, Movies.

Ever wonder what comedy writers do when they have too much free time on their hands? Well, when they’re not slipping banana peels under the walkers at the old age home or flashing kids in the park?

Oh wait… that was how I spent this afternoon… forget I mentioned it.

Spencer Green, a friend of mine, has put together a parody film database website, complete with a parallel-universe attention to detail modeled after Wiki-you-name-it.

Movie buffs should check it out!

NOW will you untie my mom and let her go, Spencer? Thanks, you’re a peach!

UPDATE: Good GOD is this post bringing people to my li’l blog! Welcome, all you fellow film geeks! Click on some of the categories to your right and feel free to look around! 🙂


1. Jane Brooks (My Left Footloose) - August 6, 2008

Impatiently waiting for Internal Server Error to go away. This sounds awesome.


2. Jim Berkin - August 6, 2008

I was just getting that as well. I’ll let Spencer know so he can get ahold of his web guy. I also like your blended cinema site, Jane!

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