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Pre-Season Warm Up July 31, 2008

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.

With training camp in session and the opening Pats pre-season game against the Ravens only a week away, I’ve started to pay attention to football once again, though it’s always tough for me to combine contemplations of football with hot summer weather. Of course, the big question for me as a Pats fan is how the Super Bowl loss will affect the team’s psychology this season – do they become the 1969 Colts and spend a season in the wilderness, or do they come back really really angry and ready to take it out on everyone? The first few games of the regular season should reveal things one way or another, especially when they go up against San Diego on the road for a Sunday night game in October.

My prediction, for what it’s worth? They go 11-5 and have to face some tough challenges like Jacksonville & Indianapolis in the playoffs. (Gee, what a tough call THAT was!)

In the meantime, we can read fun stuff like this from a former employee, trashing some and lauding others, and telling us some stuff we really don’t want to know about, like Bill Belechick sex tapes (let’s hope Matt Walsh shot them, and that Bill can only induce orgasms when he studies films for signals). I suppose I should be thankful – Jessica Simpson is hanging around the Cowboys’ training camp and not the Patriots’, where Giselle “Women weaken legs, Rocky!” Bundchen is nowhere to be seen. The author, “Tommy Rider”, also has a couple of decent posts up with some good advice on early-season football handicapping.




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