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Behind Door #3…. A New Carpet!!! July 17, 2008

Posted by Jim Berkin in 1970s, General.

No, not the one above, which reminds me of the Partridge Family bus.

But I am finally getting a new rug (insert toupée joke here) which means breaking down EVERY damn bookcase and EVERY CD & DVD shelf and ALL my electronics and packing it all up in moving boxes for the carpet guys to move out of the way along with my furniture as they go along.

This is taking me DAYS to do, is a MAJOR pain in the ass, and thus my anemic blogging lately.

Well, I’m also working on another book, but you can’t see that until it’s done. It had been a while since I really got into the routine of writing a book as opposed to endlessly trying to sell the damn thing to someone, and I forgot how much fun it can be, as much as it can also be very mentally draining (and there’s not much left in my tub anyway).

I’ll be glad once the carpet is in & my house is put back together again. And then someday, perhaps I’ll get to see something like this in my house:


Almost as cute as me! (Though I might be furrier).


1. The Dude - July 20, 2008

The great thing about a rug is the way it really pulls the room together…

2. Jim Berkin - July 20, 2008

Or the way it looks on Burt Reynolds.

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