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Crab Cake & Eat It Too June 20, 2008

Posted by Jim Berkin in Cooking, Food.

Thanks to the availability of pasteurized refrigerated canned real crabmeat, I’ve returned to using real crab in recipes versus the fake “krab” made from pollock (and sugar) that you can regularly find at any supermarket. I’ve found the fake stuff passable as generic seafood, but the real stuff is truly better, both in subtle flavors and (especially) in texture. I’m not enough of a connoisseur to really tell the taste difference between backfin, claw, lump, etc. versus the obvious texture differences, it’s all good to me, and nowhere near the difference I can discern between the tailmeat and clawmeat of a Maine lobster.

Evidently, the pasteurization/refrigerated canning process has been around for years, but only recently have I seen the stuff turning up at decent prices, both at Trader Joe’s and Costco (pretty much 8 or 9 bucks for a one pound can). It’s not as good as the real crab from the fish monger, I know, but for using in recipes where the stuff will be mixed with other ingredients and heated up, I really can’t tell much of a difference. (And to be honest, I made a simple cold crab salad plate with it as well, and I thought it was just fine.)

So, tonight I made some Crab Cakes with it.

For 4 decent sized cakes:

Mix the pound of crab with 1 cup of seasoned breadcrumbs, 1 beaten egg, 1/4 cup of mayonnaise, 1/2 teaspoon of worcestershire, 1/2 teaspoon of dried mustard, salt and pepper. Blend together into a binded batter of sorts, form into 4 equal sized cakes & refrigerate on a platter for about a half an hour. Then, fry in hot olive oil over medium heat a few minutes a side, until a nice dark brown on each side.

For a sauce, I mixed mayonnaise with hot sauce to taste along with a decent spash of lemon juice.

I served this along with a nice salad & a glass of pinot grigio for a light summer dinner. Well, half the recipe above – I’m not THAT much of a pig. I’ll have the other half pound of crab in a sandwich for lunch tomorrow.

We call that DISCIPLINE where I come from. How else do you think I lost 7 pounds in the past year despite the ever increasing gallonage of beer pouring down my eager gullet?

Of course, “discipline” can take on many different meanings…

RIP, Harvey. 😦



1. Graham - February 27, 2011

This seems delicious I will have to try making them.

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