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I Think The Curse May Be Reversed June 16, 2008

Posted by Jim Berkin in Baseball.

Welcome to the New York Yankees of the 21st Century!

After being hobbled with injuries to A-Rod & Jorge Posada for the first part of the season, now the Yankees lose the winningest pitcher in baseball for the past few years to a lame-ass foot sprain he got running the bases, thanks to inter-league mischigoss.

Phil Hughes pitched like crap and then cracked his ribs. Ian Kennedy pitched like crap and got sent back to the minors. Andy Pettite has been erratic. The bright spots have been the resurgent Mike Mussina, Mariano Rivera returning to form & the ever-so-slow conversion of Joba Chamberlain to an effective starter. But it won’t be enough, I fear, and it seems like shoes keep dropping all the time, and this one landed right on the Yankees’ reliable Wang. (Yes, how long could I go without a Wang joke?)

It’s going to be a long and hard season. Perhaps they’ll pull it out, or perhaps they’ll fall limp, or..

All right, enough already. It’s just too damn depressing. But did I mention that the doctor said I had a small prostate? I’d hate to think it’s a matching set with my own Wang, but that’s the way God made me (who says he has no sense of humor?)



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