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Head Cold June 15, 2008

Posted by Jim Berkin in General.

I must have caught it on the plane back from Las Vegas a week ago. What a pain. 😦

But what perfect timing! I go into the doctor for the annual physical tomorrow, so if I get any worse, I can whine about it to a professional. Here’s hoping the cholesterol is down from last year. The weight is (a little) and the IQ is (a lot). Such is the hard-drinking manly life I lead. No wonder having a skull full of snot for the past few days has cramped my style so severely.

Not that a doctor can really do anything about stuff like this, that’s the real pisser. Then again, the real pisser is what I’ve had to become the past few days on my diet of chicken soup, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, and quarts of water when the juice got to be too much. Then again, maybe all the fluids will improve my social life….

UPDATE: Back from the doctor, and I thought I’d share the following direct quote from his examination of me with the ENTIRE WORLD:

“Your prostate is small! Good!”

Cue the cheering crowd! It’s the size of a moldy old raisin!

What could be s e x i e r?



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