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Finally Time To Relax June 10, 2008

Posted by Jim Berkin in Books, General.

As the vacation time rolls along, I plan to finally plow through the stacks of books piling up & watch the DVDs that have been doing the same. A quick trip to Las Vegas over the weekend produced (a) mediocre bowling on my part (b) worse baseball betting but (c) successful horse race handicapping, so now I suppose I know where my small amount of gambling dollars should go. (And a thrift store book bonanza today yielded a copy of Andrew Beyer’s Picking Winners, which might be a little out of date but will hopefully hone my skills somewhat.)

So, coming soon to this space – more pieces on the remaining Hitchapalooza DVDs, assorted book reviews, and assorted summer recipes. I ought to be moving ahead on book writing this summer, at long last… this latest one has been a major pain in the ass of plot development, but it’s getting there. Perhaps I need to better utilize the Raymond Chandler method and drink my way to brilliant inspiration, though I’d most likely wind up looking like my hero above rather than sitting here in front of the computer and writing merrily away.

Not a bad idea, actually…



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