It Only Takes One Good Yardsale

Before the temperature climbed too high this morning and my car melted, I made the rounds of a dozen or so yardsales and mostly kept coming up empty, but all it takes is one good sale where I find a pile of crap to add to the ever-growing Wagstaff archives to make it all worthwhile. Today at a huge charity sale, I found some swell DVDs for five bucks a pop – the first two volumes of Space Ghost: Coast To Coast, a show I miss seeing on Adult Swim since they’ve moved on to different material. Space Ghost was most often funny, sometimes surreal and always just plain bizarre. I also got the second volume of another Adult Swim favorite of mine, Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law, to add to Volume 1 which I had gotten as a gift a couple of years back.

And to add to the still-mostly-unwatched pile of Hitchcock-a-palooza I had snagged months back, I got one Hitch movie I have seen & enjoyed, Dial M For Murder, along with one I’ve never seen, I Confess.

Then I went to an estate sale in a rather well-kept house. I found a bunch of books in the television den, but they were mostly mass market mysteries and a couple of books on golf. Around the corner, however, was a bookshelf that at first caught my attention since it was mostly cookbooks, but it turned out that pretty much all the ones worth having are ones I already have (this happens to me a lot now that I’ve scoured the locals at these sales for so many years.).

But then I noticed the one non-cookbook among all of them, in a rather strange juxtaposition – there was a copy of Mein Kampf sitting next to The Mike Douglas Cookbook. I don’t ever remember Hitler going on Mike Douglas to demonstrate recipes. “Guten tag, Mike! First I’ll demonstrate some vegetarian dishes that are wunderbar, and then I will have you shot.” And then at the next sale I stopped at, I spotted a copy of a book by noted self-hating Jew/no-longer tenured (HaHa!) antisemetic asshat Norman Finkelstein. I figured it was God’s way of telling me it was time to go home.

(The people selling it had no idea what it was about since it was in a box of books someone gave them to unload. So, I don’t have to go back there and burn their house down.)

It’s too hot to go back outside today anyway. 😉

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