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Recharging May 11, 2008

Posted by Jim Berkin in General.

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks for yours truly, with a lot of crap to oversee at the job (fundraisers, projects and exams – oh my!) as well as assorted household tasks, so I’ve been remiss in adding longer and hopefully more interesting posts.

Once my plate clears somewhat in the next few days (Yes, it takes me DAYS to EAT at my advanced age… and that’s only when I can get my teeth in), I’ll try to post the stuff kicking around in my head on some recent music and movie absorption by your genial host. I know you all can’t live without it.

And I have to clear my mind of it before I move on to the material I plan to write this summer, something writing this blog was supposed to loosen up my creativity and make easier to do. Good GOD, what a misfire that was…. instead of writing that book, I’m writing about what I had for dinner, what beer I drank, and what sports I’m pretending to bet on.

Maybe I should write a book about those things instead.

Maybe that will make the VOICES IN MY HEAD STOP!!!!

Wait, now they’re talking dirty to me, and it’s HOT! I hope they never stop!

By the way, I don’t have any trouble getting my teeth in. I had some trouble getting them into Harvard, but what else do you expect from a bunch of elitist prigs? “Let a smile be your umbrella,” they said, those LYING BASTARDS.

Evidently Massachusetts is toying with the idea of taxing Harvard’s billion dollar endowment simply because they can. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I’m torn on this one… the libertarian part of me is against the idea on economic principle, and the Brown Alum part of me enjoys seeing Harvard people whine.

I’ve strayed from the point, haven’t I? I need a couple more days… but then I’ll be back.



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