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Opening Day! April 2, 2008

Posted by Jim Berkin in Baseball.

Now spring is truly here. The Yankees, in their final home opener at the original Yankee Stadium, defeated the Toronto Blue Jays 3-2, with a save for Rivera, a scoreless inning for Chamberlain, and a solid start for Wang (which is all I ever ask for, since then I rely on Newton’s First Law Of Motion to keep the Wang going)

I’ve been reading numerous sportswriters’ predictions of how the season will supposedly turn out. I haven’t paid much attention to the off-season moves by anyone other than the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels or Dodgers, so I’ll make some off-the-cuff predictions here:

AL East: Red Sox (It hurts… but I think they’ll beat the Yankees again)
AL Central: Tigers
AL West: Mariners
Wild Card: Those YANKEES, DAMMIT!!!! Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy & Joba Chamberlain will all pitch GREAT and Kyle Farnsworth will have a come-back season playing for Girardi. So there.

NL East: Mets (I know, Pedro just got hurt… but it won’t matter in the end when they have Santana & Maine)
NL Central: Cubs (Yeah, you heard me right)
NL West: Rockies
Wild Card: The Dodgers, just for Joe Torre.

Since momentum and the health of starting pitching usually determines who does well in the post-season, any sort of predictions made here in early April are totally meaningless, but I’ll go ahead and say Yankees over the Mets in the World Series. (As if!)

The card up top? A 1909 Piedmont Cigarette card of Wee Willie Keeler, who played for the New York Americans (now Yankees) from 1903-1909. No relation to Edith.



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