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Oscar Post-Mortem February 24, 2008

Posted by Jim Berkin in Movies.
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I didn’t do too well in my predictions – I missed both Actress & Supporting Actress, and truly got wiped out in all the minor awards in my little Oscar party pool. (I may as well have peed in the Oscar party pool this year.)

But at least I did better than Kevin O’Connell, the sound mixer who lost AGAIN to bring his record to 0 for 20.

Maybe they’ll wheel him out at age 98 for a life achievement award, like they did tonight with Robert Boyle, longtime production designer for assorted Hitchcock films and others, who had never won one of those precious little statues.

Stewart wasn’t bad as host… he kept things moving quickly, had more good jokes than bad, even confused the Hollywood audience as to how they “ought to” respond to some of his political barbs.

Best Moments: Boyle getting his award, Stewart bringing Marketa Irglova back onstage to give her acceptance speech after the orchestra cut her off (to provide time for another worthless clipfest, probably), and Tilda Swinton’s very funny acceptance speech.

Worst Moment: that AWFUL Jerry Seinfeld Bee bit to introduce the animated short. I realize that I’m out of tune with most of America it seems when it comes to Seinfeld since I’ve never found him funny, but I wasn’t the only one groaning through that portion of the broadcast, I’m sure.

Lowest rated Oscarcast ever, I’ll predict. And certainly one of the most boring, despite it’s relatively brief length and the fact that Diablo Cody really DOES look like a pole dancer. When some of the best moments come from Bob Hope via the clipfests, it doesn’t say much for the current crop on stage.

Though movies in general were better in Bob’s day too.


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