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Snow Job February 6, 2008

Posted by Jim Berkin in 1970s, Baseball, General.
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It’s hard for me to believe that today is the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Great Blizzard of ’78, which dumped around 3 feet of snow over my driveway and front walk, including a drift closer to 4 feet over the damn walk which made shoveling it all even more difficult.

I still remember how one of my older brothers and my dad were stuck in NYC on business when the storm hit, so it was just me and my mom, pretty much snowed in until they plowed the streets a few days later. That was also about the amount of time it took us to dig my brother’s Scirocco out of a snowdrift and clear the rest of the driveway. A neighbor across the street (Good old Mr. O’Brien!) was willing to walk the mile or so down the hill to the grocery store for bread & milk runs for people the first couple of days.

Once the localized emergency of blocked up streets was over with, a friend of mine and I dug some tunnels into the giant piles of plowed snow on opposite street corners to make two competing snow forts for his little brothers (not that we also didn’t partake of some big-time snowball fightin’ action ourselves). I think those piles of snow didn’t melt until April, just in time to begin a truly memorable baseball season.

Years later, in the final weeks before I left Rhode Island for good and moved to California, I think I was shoveling that friggin driveway every day after yet another snow or sleet storm. All I kept thinking was how I’d never have to do that again, and so far I haven’t.

But I miss snowball fighting. Maybe if I paint some big rocks white and throw them at people playfully, they’ll get into the spirit.




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