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Our Next President Or Star Trek Character? You Make The Call! January 21, 2008

Posted by Jim Berkin in General, Television.
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Holding to my promise to keep this blog apolitical, I’ll say here and now that I free associated visually, without thinking of anything else to do with any of these candidates (or Trek characters) so any perceived biases are most likely unintentional. Or perhaps not. What difference does it make, anyway? Enjoy!

“Everything works!” Cue the ’70s porn funk…. BOOM-chick-a-wow-wow….

“Put down that compact! It is time to feed Vol!”

“Had I known this commendation entailed ritual humiliation, I might have declined.” – Tuvok

“Tranya in every pot!”

“I don’t wanna come in, and I won’t! I’m a general, and I won’t listen” – Trelane

“Tranya? Who cares about that? I say a trophy wife robot in every home! Norman, coordinate!”

Will his opening tricks be effective, or will the Corbomite Maneuver win Florida? We shall see…

“I am pleased to see we have differences. May we together become greater than the sum of both of us.” – Surak.

Sounds like Voodoo Economics to me, bub…

“I am weary of the chase. Wait for me. I shall be merciful and…..quick!”

Are you all with me when I say that it would have cool if Kirk & the guy in the silly rubber lizard suit teamed up to kick the crap out of that telekinetic candy ass in the toga at the end? I thought so.

Okay, that’s enough fun with cutting and pasting. It’s way past time for my lunch.



1. Janine Rogers - July 17, 2008

I had thought of the Kucinich and Obama associations, but this is a real achievement.

Suggestion: I bow to the depth of your insight but I do think the Hillary characterization is not up to the quality of the others, given that it is only based on surface appearance rather than personality. What about Nancy, the shape-shifting salt-craving creature from “The Man Trap”? (Tragically, some of her supporters still see her as Nancy …)

Also, what about Nader and Barr?

2. Jim Berkin - July 18, 2008

Thanks Janine! Jeesh, I posted this thing months ago (before Nader & Barr were running!) and thought no one was looking at it. And after all that photoshop work…. Poor Wagstaff!

Funny, the thing that inspired this was when I saw that God-Awful photo of Hillary looking totally run down and immediately thought of the “true” Vena from the old Trek episode. After doing that photo juxtaposition and emailing it to a few friends as a gag, I thought I ought to try to find a Trek match for every candidate. I think the only one more based on personality than looks is Trelaine/Huckabee.

Personality-wise, I’m sure Hillary Clinton’s supporters would see her as Captain Janeway and her detractors might see her as one (or perhaps both) of those evil Klingon Duras sisters who vexed Worf and wanted to sell out the Klingon empire to the Romulans (they were WITHOUT honor!).

Which Trek character ought to be President? Well, I guess I’d pick Data. He never sleeps unless he wants to, is ultra-efficient, desires to be more humane, and loves kitties! What’s not to like?

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