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Patriots 21, Chargers 12 January 20, 2008

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.

Despite the off-day from Tom Brady (My jaw dropped on that end zone interception… after all, he hasn’t made that particular mistake in over two years), and despite Phillip Rivers’ continual strikes for first downs, the Patriots managed to grab a commanding lead in this one and hold onto it. The defense made great stands in the red zone keeping the Chargers to field goals, and Moroney had another great day of running, including barrelling his way towards key first downs late in the game, and especially on the last clock-killing drive.

But the hero of the day was Kevin Faulk, who seemed to be in the center of every key play, every drive-saving first down, and every set-up for point scoring. Some of the catches he made were near his ankles or behind the side of his body, and one beautiful diving shoestring rolling catch that kept a significant scoring drive alive, and in turn, secured the victory.

I hope Brady got those mistakes out his system. He’ll have better weather in Arizona to throw longer passes to Welker and Moss, and they can switch around between their recent cold-weather short passing/running offense and their previous “throw five TDs every game” offense of the first half of the season.

And it’ll all be against… the Giants??? Who saw THAT coming??

Let’s not get cocky, however…. the Giants have been playing great in the post-season and seem to play like a different and better team on the road (Perhaps the overall “aura of suckitude” lingering from the Jets messes them up at the Meadowlands). So it’s time for Belichick to have them spend the next two weeks studying the films, studying the Patriots/Giants matchup from the final week of the season, and gearing up. One more to go!



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