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No Joy In Mudville December 13, 2007

Posted by Jim Berkin in Baseball.

Well, seeing Roger Clemens’ name in the Mitchell Report on all the different ways baseball has been juiced the past several years didn’t really surprise me. I don’t care how disciplined someone’s training routine supposedly is, when a pro athlete starts bulking up and performing better after age 35, something isn’t quite right. I measure this by my own quickly failing body, by the way, so it MUST be true!

Whatever miniscule chance there was of Clemens attempting another June-to-hopefully-October move in the 2008 season for the Yankees is deader than dead, not that he had a lot left in his TAINTED right arm at this point anyway. But Andy Pettite?? Mr. Clean??? THAT was a surprise, and a disappointment. I saw Pettite as an elder tutor to the crop of promising young pitchers on the Yankees, and now who knows? Never mind all the denials and Lawyer Fu that is to follow because of the endorsement deals and future autograph signing money at stake, along with Bud Selig’s most likely “Move on, nothing to see here, we tightened up the testing” act that’s limping up the road right now… regardless of whatever disciplinary actions the leagues take against active players, there’ll always be a stench associated with every name in that report. Whether the Hall of Fame will be forgiving remains to be seen. Will the fans?

Just another sucker punch to soil a cherished American myth renewed every Spring, that provides an often badly needed avenue back to a time when believing in heroes and honestly feeling childlike optimism felt as natural as throwing a strike.

Bah. 😦


1. dada - October 13, 2008

How can I get these?

2. dada - October 13, 2008

love steroids how can I get these in italy (rome) help me please ! dope 4 life!

3. Jim Berkin - October 13, 2008

Yes, I am EXACTLY the right person to ask where to find illegal steroids in Rome, Italy. I got some KILLER ‘roids there once… oh wait, those were hemorrhoids. Well, as to where to get the best steroids in Rome, I remember what the street looked like but forget the name of it… it had a big white building with a coffee house on the bottom floor and it was near a fountain. Traffic was bad near it, too. There were also a lot of unemployed guys hanging around whistling at women & commenting about their asses. Does that help narrow it down?

Don’t they mix steroids into the pasta over there to give it more “oomph?” I tried sprinkling some on my pizza, but it grew a penis and I lost my appetite.

Did you even read my post? It was about baseball & Roger Clemens, NOT on the supposed merits of steroids.

“Dope 4 life” certainly is apt.

4. justin ashford - March 8, 2009

how much is this

Jim Berkin - March 8, 2009

If you have to ask, you can’t afford it

5. Julios Santos - March 26, 2009

How Could I Order This Product. Where Is The Email So, I Can Order.

6. Jim Berkin - March 26, 2009

I’m tempted to tell you to paypal every cent you have to my email account, but something tells me that might be as illegal as the steroids themselves.

Does anyone actually READ this post, or do they just find the picture via google and then decide to ask me to sell them drugs? The internet is a non-stop wonder.

7. vishwanath - April 23, 2009

i want to gain mass and shape`

8. Jim Berkin - April 23, 2009

Insert dick joke here, vishwanath

9. hemroids - May 9, 2009

try this is good

10. Jim Berkin - May 9, 2009

is good for hemroids?

I’d think it would make them grow bigger and stronger, like grapes hanging from the vine.

Why does this post generate so much interest & draw the more idiotic comments? YOU make the call!

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