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Patriots 27, Ravens 24 December 3, 2007

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.

Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ! The Patriots even win when they actually lose.

They lost when they were stopped on 4th down with a minute forty left… NOPE! The ‘tard Ravens coach called a time out negating the play and gave the Pats a second chance to get a first down!

They lost when Brady threw an incomplete into the end zone on a 4th and six with under a minute left…. NOPE! A holding penalty gives them another first and goal!

The only thing the Ravens didn’t do was pick Brady up on their shoulders and carry him into the end zone just to make extra sure they’d lose the game.

And that’s just it – the Patriots didn’t win that game, the Ravens lost it, and lost it repeatedly on a series of amazingly stupid screwups that would have the conspiracy lover in me screaming “FIX!!!” if it didn’t benefit my team (in which case a fix is a GIFT FROM THE FOOTBALL MAFIA!). Before that, they were running the ball through the Pats defense seemingly at will and putting the pressure on Brady, who was throwing well into receivers who kept dropping catchable passes. This was just UGLY.

They better get their act together for the Steelers next week, or it’s gonna get even uglier. I’m talkin’ Rosie O’Donnell ugly. So now you know how serious I am.


1. ed - December 4, 2007

No fix involved. Peter King looked at the tape pf all four calls and found they were all correct.


That said, the linebacking corps looked every bit their age last night as they couldn’t come up with an answer for Willis McGahee. Pittsburgh has a better O-Line and and better halfback than Baltimore so the D had better find a way to shut down Willie Parker.

2. Jim Berkin - December 4, 2007

I’m glad the Steelers game is at Foxboro. I’m not too sure about it at this point anyway. I’m hoping the Steeler team that struggled against the Dolphins shows up.

3. ed - December 6, 2007

Sunday afternoon forecast is for snow and sleet. Take the under.

4. Jim Berkin - December 6, 2007

The line on the game opened with the Pats by 13 1/2, and now it’s down to 10. As much as I’m a fan, I’m also a realist, and I think this will be a close one. I also have a bad feeling about this game… can’t quite explain it, and it’s getting tougher for me to distinguish any of my genuine intuitions from my all-too-genuine paranoia as I get older, but I’m just not that confident that Pats will come out on top this time. I hope I’m wrong.

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