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Patriots 56, Bills 10 November 18, 2007

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.

It’s almost at the point now where I feel bad for the Pats’ opponents. Almost.

Every time I looked up from bowling tonight to the monitor with the game a lane over, the Pats had the ball and were about to score, or Randy Moss had caught yet another touchdown pass from Tom Brady. These games are starting to resemble the Harlem Globetrotters versus the Washington Generals every week. And I’m enjoying every minute of it – I feel very lucky to watch ANY team play a sport I love to watch as well as the Pats have been playing it, and the fact that they are MY team makes me feel blessed. I haven’t felt like this since watching the 1998-99 Yankees decimate the opposition. A lot of fans never get to see their team do anything like this, and it’s almost like I’m being given a gift of this experience & memory BEFORE MY INEVITABLE DEATH.

Cut to the little kid in Animal House: “Thank you, God!”



1. ed - November 19, 2007

The only team that can beat the Pats at this point is… the Pats. Unless they throw up a collective stinker, I can’t see anyone left on the schedule who can beat them.

Memo to Mangenius – thanks for beating the Steelers and helping insure that we have a higher pick next spring (via the 49ers) than you do. Hope you are ready for the vicious beating you are going to get on 16 December. Once again, anymore bright ideas, dumbass?

If I am Donovan McNabb I’m on my way to Kathy Bates’ house to have her take out the rest of my ankle with her trusty sledgehammer.

Extra added bonus for Sunday night at the stadium – Pretty good chance John Henry, Curt Schilling and a few other Sox will show off their new hardware before the game, the first home date since the Game 4 win in Denver (which already feels like eons ago). Like the crowd won’t be nuts enough already….

Like I said, the Colts will be 4-3 the rest of the way. The were lucky to escape with a win yesterday.

2. Jim Berkin - November 19, 2007

Will Donovan have to listen to those Liberace albums like James Caan did?

I also didn’t know that Curt Schilling called his hardware “John Henry.” I assumed it was something like “Little Curt,” “Curt The Younger” or perhaps “Everyday Curt-esy.” You learn something new every day.

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