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Brown 30, Columbia 22 (And A Rant) November 17, 2007

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.
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We are ever true to Brown,
For we love our college dear,
And wherever we may go (where are we going?)
We are ready with a beer.
And the people always say (what do they say?)
That you can’t out drink Brown men (and women!)
With a scotch and rye and a whiskey dry,
And a B-O-U-R-B-O-N.

The Bears finished off the season with a win against Columbia, as expected. They finished third in the Ivies behind Harvard & Yale, and have most of the team coming back next year. An improved defense would probably put them as a good bet for first place next year since their offense produces lots of points.

I promised myself that I’d put NO politics of any kind on this blog, since it’s a topic that most often polarizes and would most likely become a series of tedious rants that would drive away possible readership who are interested in any of the voluminous assortment of other material I enjoy writing about.

But I HAVE to put a rant here about the current crop of depressing ‘tards who populate Columbia’s community. Now, I have no personal beef with Columbia’s student body, or their football team (especially when they are the perennial doormat of the Ivies and guarantee that Brown will finish every season with a win), or with any of the alums I’ve known – but as an institution of higher learning and as one of the top schools in America sitting in the biggest city we’ve got – Columbia lately has been a pathetic embarrassment. The school that once produced Alexander Hamilton has degenerated to inviting Iranian frontman Achme-dinnerjacket to speak, and then tried to have it both ways by oh-so-knowingly guffawing over his moronic statement about there being no homosexuals in Iran (Yes, Columbia Lions, there’s nothing funnier than teenagers publicly executed) and then applauding whenever the terminally grinning douchebag said anything bad about the American politicians who get the required sneers from the enlightened Ivy folk whenever their names are tossed around. University President Lee Bollinger introduced him with a litany of material pointing out what an evil regime he represents, and then not only does Achmedinijad complain about his bad manners, but then an assortment of tenured brain-dead morally repugnant candy-ass mediocrities (including one who wished for “a million more Mogadishus” as far as our military was concerned) write a petition complaining that the the only wrong thing Columbia did in inviting Achmedickhead in the first place was letting Bollinger be rude to him.

Boo friggin hoo.

That’s right, Columbia people, this is what you pay upwards of $40,000 a year for, to have that crop of mush skulled suck-ass pigs lecture your classes when they’re not foisting it on their overworked TAs thereby giving you an INFERIOR education (especially to MINE! HAHA! I haven’t missed a “Final Jeopardy” in WEEKS!) and on top of it all, your FOOTBALL TEAM GOES 0-7 IN LEAGUE so it’s clear their athletic skills match the faculty’s mental ones.

I need a drink, Columbia. I must remove the stench of your failure from the purity of my nostrils.



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