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Brown 56, Dartmouth 35 November 12, 2007

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.
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Most of the Dartmouth people I’ve met have lived up to my long-held stereotype of them, basically a “Let’s do it!” Frat-boy competitive bravado. And unlike their Harvard bretheren further south, Dartmouth folks will actually DO the thing they’re telling you they’re better than you at, and be friendly about it once you meet their jockboy challenge, as opposed to just big talk, a big sneer, and a big return to cocktails at the club. I’ve had Dartmouth guys want to compete with me cooking, surfing (They win! Yay!), and even quantity-eating – but always in that shake-hands-and-be-buds-from-now-on-after-the-contest-is-over way. It must be the personality of the place or something. And a school that produces Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Rogers AND Dr. Seuss must be putting something in the water to help people entertain kids. Maybe that’s why those guys are always challenging me to some contest – they must feel the need to entertain the childish.

They vary as an Ivy football squad, with the pendulum swinging to “cold” lately. So, the Brownies rolled up their usual number of impressive points while their defense gave up too much again.

Next Saturday, the Ivy football season wraps up with the traditional finale with Columbia. Maybe they’ll invite Achmedinijad back for the halftime show. (It’s probably a safe bet that the Brown Band will have much material to work with there.) Or perhaps they’ll top themselves by having Re-animated Zombie Hitler™ do pushups in the end zone after each touchdown. I thought my school pulled embarassing stunts to annoy me as alum, but they’ve got NOTHING on Columbia lately. Ye Gods!



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