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Patriots 24, Colts 20 November 4, 2007

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.


Despite some HORRIBLY INCORRECT pass interference calls & an unstoppable Joseph Addai in the first half, the Patsies came back under pressure and were reminded for the first time all season what it feels like to actually have to work for a win.

Good God, are these two teams evenly matched. You can tell when the stats guys go through all sorts of ways that “The Colts have done such-and-such in every game this year” until they play the Patriots, and vice versa. With Marvin Harrison’s bad knee keeping him on the sidelines, Manning eventually ran out of weapons. Put this game in Foxboro and add Harrison, and you’re right back to even money.

Perhaps the rest of the league could talk amongst themselves, and these two teams could play each other EVERY week in a travelling road show.

Originally, I was going to put a snarky graphic to this post that would insult the Colts. This was in case the Patriots blew them out as badly as they have everyone else, but the tightness of this game reminded me of how good a team the Colts really are.

Therefore, I will save that snarky graphic for after the playoff game between them. 🙂



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