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Yale 17, Brown 7 November 3, 2007

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.
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I was looking for some sort of graphic to put on this particular entry, and came across this:
Is it an example of the humiliation animals must go through in order to get a doggie cookie, or is it the generic photo used for Yale co-eds in the freshman directory? You make the call!

At Brown, we called that directory the “Pig Book,” and it was accurate more times than not. By the way, my photo was not to be found in it. I HATE having my picture taken since I usually look like a dork. The camera doesn’t lie, after all.

Yale will most likely win the Ivy League this year since they’ve been beating everyone in and out of the conference. And practically all the Yalies I’ve ever met have been nice people, unlike the stereotype of the Ivy league arrogant snob. Then again, Yale and Yale law school have produced the bulk of the major political class of the past several years, from the Bushes to the Clintons to John Kerry to Joe Lieberman to Dick Cheney to Howard Dean…. so no matter WHAT your political stripes are, we can ALL agree that Yale is a horrible institution dedicated to causing great pain & damage to the world at large.

Oh, okay… Jordana Brewster & Jennifer Connelly & Jodie Foster went there too, and they’re hot. And no, I DON’T care about what you thought of when I mentioned Jodie Foster. Hot is hot. And at the end of the day, what difference does it make to me?

Vincent Price also went there…. END OF DISCUSSION! YALE’S REPUTATION IS SAVED!!!!

In fact, if I read my karma calculator correctly, Vincent Price makes up for ALL those politicians as well.

Next week, Brown versus the frozen fratboys of Dartmouth! (Sounds like it ought to star El Santo, doesn’t it?)


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