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Brown 31, Penn 17 October 27, 2007

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.
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HaHa! Now I can make fun of my brother!

Here’s a story: ages ago when I was deciding on colleges, I visited Penn for one of those sub-frosh mob tours, and though I enjoyed dropping in on one of Stuart Samuels’ classes (I think I learned more in an hour than I did through my entirety of high school), the overall vibe I got from the place was that students worked very hard there during the week, partied a lot on weekends, and were extremely pressured to get good grades. Then I visited Brown and hung out around the campus a few times, and most of the students there seemed very mellow and relaxed and only talked about the books they were reading. I knew what matched up with MY personality, so I wound up going to Brown.

Cut to all these years later, and I’m sure those hard-working grade-conscious Penn grads are scarfin’ up the big bucks like their fellow alums Donald Trump and Warren Buffet. The Brown grads are discussing the great books they’ve been reading on the unemployment line.

Hmmm…. maybe my brother should be making fun of ME.


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