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A Power Pop Goldmine October 18, 2007

Posted by Jim Berkin in Music.
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In keeping my promise to post more about music & the arts to break up the sports talk (though with the Yankees done for 2007, I’ll probably only post weekend football-themed rantings until next spring), here’s a MOTHER LODE of guitar-pop garage-psychadelic sweet sweet yummy goodness for you to feast on.

The guys running Rainbow Quartz Records must have very similar tastes to mine, all right. Click on the link and check out all the bands they have in their stable. Nearly all of them have MySpace pages where you can sample a few of their songs & get an idea of their particular sound and sometimes all-too-obvious influences.

Chances are, you won’t hear a lot of them on the radio. Because most of radio SUCKS and isn’t getting any better (as I ranted about earlier). To get good music, you have to do a little web work. So start clickin’!

It looks like they’ve made a talent raid on what must be the retro-psychadelic pop scene in Spain, of all places – a number of their bands – The Shake, The Gurus, The Winnerys – all hail from there, singing in English with vocal styles this side of John Lennon and The Knickerbockers.

The Winnerys’ new CD “Daily Urban Times” mixes the jangly guitars of early Beatles with harmonies from The Hollies and it all comes out of the speakers like chocolate cake out of the oven.

Denise James has a voice like Leslie Gore to go with guitar-layered harmonic pop that evokes Brian Wilson, The Byrds and Petulia Clark! I think I’m in love!

Too much to go into here – So off you go! Check it out, click around, give it all a listen & support these indy bands and the label that provides them a home.


So let it be written, so let it be done!



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