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Patriots 48, Cowboys 27 October 14, 2007

Posted by Jim Berkin in Food, Football.
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I think I LIKE this as a possible Super Bowl match-up! The offense rolled merrily along, despite losing their two best runners to injury. Brady’s personal record five TD passes gave him his 76th victory in his first 100 games as an NFL quarterback, tying him with Roger Staubach.

Brady already has more Super Bowl rings, supermodel girlfriends, and “love children” than Staubach, so HE WINS!!!

Romo & The Cowboys kept it a game in the second and third quarters, however. The only real mistake the Pats made, a sack/fumble leading to a Dallas touchdown, gave the Cowboys a little momentum for a while, and Romo was able to complete a series of passes to put his guys back into it before the half. At the end, however, the Pats adjusted their defense, Dallas ran out of gas & Romo threw it away for New England to add on some garbage points.

I enjoyed it all down at the sports bar, since CBS thought it would be better to run the Oakland/San Diego game here on local television. They figured that local fans of the Raiders and Chargers would rather watch that stellar match-up instead of a game between two undefeated powerhouses, and after years of witnessing Raider fans, I’d bet they were right.

Here’s an interesting bit of trivia: There are thousands of Raider fans in the Los Angeles area, and if you add up all their IQs, you get a negative number.

Somehow I never made it to a Raider game when they were playing in the LA Coliseum. Somehow the TV ad campaign featuring baggy-pants wearing prison-bounds flashing gang signs from the stands didn’t encourage me to hop in my car and drive on down.

So, it was off to the sports bar to partake in their DirectTV hookup and watch the REAL GAME in hi-def glory, along with a nice plate of calamari and an EIGHT DOLLAR pint of Guinness. Good God, I must be single-handedly supporting the Irish economy with that. What an amazing mark-up over the Guinness draught in cans that tastes remarkably similar to real draft, and which populates the Wagstaff ‘fridge on a regular basis.

Dallas is pretty good this year, but the Patriots are amazing. Next week: Miami! I hope they don’t take that one for granted, since that vortex-of-suck known as the Dolphins managed to beat them last year and cost them what turned out to be much-needed home field advantage…


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