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Indians 2, Yankees 1 (11 innings) October 5, 2007

Posted by Jim Berkin in Baseball.


You can’t really blame the bugs when Carmona was out there facing them as well.

I’ve always said good pitching will beat good hitting every time. The Yankees have an amazing hitting line-up, and the Cleveland pitchers are mowing it down. The Yankees’ 4 total runs in these 2 games include 3 solo homers. That’s pathetic. All season long, Pettite has pitched gems like the one he threw tonight and hasn’t gotten run support. Same story tonight, so add a distracted young pitcher, who has shown every indication that he’s a major star of the future, making some lame mistakes to let a cheap run across…. and it becomes the entire difference in the game.

Maybe they’ll make it respectable and win in New York. I’d like to believe that. I’d like to believe the doorbell will ring, and it’ll be Alyssa Milano & Jennifer Love Hewitt stopping over to make a Wagstaff sandwich. I’m starting to think the odds are better on that one than on the Yankees winning the next three in a row.

Cut to Maxwell Smart: “Would you believe Bea Arthur and Rondo Hatton in drag?”

Missed it by that much….



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