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Indians 12, Yankees 3 October 4, 2007

Posted by Jim Berkin in Baseball.


What can I say? My team got their asses kicked.

They got 6 walks early on and none of them scored. They didn’t take advantage of Sabathia’s wildness. And then a pair of young relievers came in and shut down their bats but good.

And I said what every Yankee fan says when a young pitcher kills my team: “Hmmm…. we should buy him!”

To top it all, among the Indians that consistently came through in the clutch was forty year old Kenny Lofton, driving in 4 runs total in situations where he was up with 2 out.

I guess I should take some solace when I see a forty year old who can still play, especially with my body falling apart. Not that I get to change bodies with Kenny Lofton, which suddenly strikes me as a wonderful comedy alternative to the crap I saw advertised on TBS throughout the game, something that only added to my pain, (hmmm…. wonder what Mrs. Kenny Lofton looks like….) but it’s cool to see someone get some last hurrahs in a job where being forty makes you an old fart. I’ll be hoping for the same thing when Clemens starts game 3 back in Yankee stadium. Hopefully it will be to go up 2-1 in the series, but we’ll have to stay tuned for that. The Indians looked mighty good out there tonight. Sigh.

At least I had a good dinner – a nice shrimp and crimini mushroom marinara over penne with a salad and the remainder of a bottle of good chianti left over from the other night.

More games like this and I might need to uncork all the bottles I have left. L’chaim!


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