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Patriots 34, Bengals 13 October 1, 2007

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.

And that was without Maroney!

Sammy Morris filled the bill quite nicely in his place, having one of his best games ever. Nice 49 yard run to set up a touchdown, and then a touchdown for himself in the 3rd quarter.

Another week of 100+ yards of receptions and two touchdowns from Randy Moss.

The defense contained Carson Palmer and the secondary weren’t giving up any yards on passes he managed to complete.

They handled the Bengals like this:

They’re doing everything right so far. No wonder Bill Belichick is frowning!

Next Sunday, the other half of Ohio, the Cleveland Browns, back home at Foxboro. Rodney Harrison returns, and perhaps Maroney as well.

I do believe I will thoroughly enjoy the 2007 NFL season. But after finding that pic, I want a kitty more than ever….



1. ed - October 2, 2007

4 game line for Randy Moss – 31 Receptions, 505 yards, 7 touchdowns. Thank you Oakland.

Question to Eric Mangini – Any more bright ideas, dumbass?

2. Jim Berkin - October 2, 2007

There’s something about sticking it to Oakland & Al Davis that makes every Pats fan smile. It must be the memories of that blown call way back in the ’76 playoff game.

Watching the Jets, I think Mangini has more to think about than whether the Pats are using VHS or Beta. Though I must admit, I thought his cameo on The Sopranos was kinda cool.

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