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Punk Guitars & Pixie Voices September 30, 2007

Posted by Jim Berkin in Music.


The Dollyrots’ Because I’m Awesome has been getting multiple plays in Wagstaff’s little world. Give the band a listen here. The Los Angeles trio’s second CD, and the first on Joan Jett’s Blackheart label, is a wonderfully solid effort of the one-good-song-after-another variety. They mix up the melodies and arrangements throughout, though the vast majority of the tunes here, especially “My Best Friend’s Hot,” “Tummy Tum Tum,” and the title track remind me of earlier Donnas albums in their overall affect on the ear and tappin’ toe. There’s also the Phil Spector-ish “This Crush” (as opposed to “This Gun In My Mouth,” the hidden track on Phil’s last album) and a great Ramones-esque cover of the old ’70s novelty number “Brand New Key.”

And the big-time high notes vocalist Kelly Ogden hits on that last number make me put this one into the category I named this post for. Much like Rodney Bingenheimer, a lot of my musical taste leans towards the subcategory of pop/punk bands with pixie-girl vocalists. Like a lot of “girl rock,” this subcategory can be traced back to Blondie, but I think the genre really got going in the later ’80s with bands like The Primitives, Lush, Letters To Cleo, Echobelly, The Darling Buds … even Transvision Vamp to a degree.

Amazing how many of those bands I just ran through put out amazing debut albums & then just VANISHED, either for real or merely artistically.

It’s a sound I’m always a sucker for, much like any band that rips off the glam rock/T-Rex sound or manages to ape the British Invasion sound. It’s like having a favorite brand among a bunch of candy. I really can’t explain it. It’s just there.

Time to make dinner! Yummy yum yum!



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