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URI 49, Brown 42 (2OT) September 29, 2007

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.
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Reading the recap, I must admit, even with my alma mater losing AGAIN, that this sounds like it was a great and entertaining game, complete with irreverent Ivy band show. Alas, I never get to see the games anymore from my perch on the opposite coast. Too bad they never telecast the low hanging fruit of college football.

It’s also too bad the NFL doesn’t ditch “sudden death overtime” (which is usually decided by whoever wins the coin toss) with the easily more exciting, if complex, college overtime rules. The NFL added the 2 point conversion a few years ago and it’s made things more interesting. C’mon, Goodell, give it a shot!

Perhaps we should replace Goodell with Buddy Cianci, the former May-ah of Providence who recently finished his “sabbatical” in the federal lockup and is back on talk radio. You could always see him at the annual Brown/URI football game, sitting on the Brown side since it was a Providence school. Huzzah! But then, everyone seems to have a Buddy story!

My favorite is when he tried to get membership into the prestigious old-school-show-me-your-Mayflower-ticket-stub University Club, one of those exclusive gated places where old New England Yankee money shakes hands and runs things over cognac and cigars, and when he was rejected (no doubt for having too many vowels in his name), suddenly they couldn’t renew their liquor license…. or get a building variance…. and member’s cars always got ticketed in the street…. that is, until they offered him a lifetime membership.

Gosh, then all those problems all went away! It’s like magic!

Yeah, yeah, I know… rule of law and so forth. But I love hearing about stuff like that. And so did all of my fellow swarthy ethnic voters back in Rhode Island as well. Go Buddy! See you on the Brown side!



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