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Egghead September 29, 2007

Posted by Jim Berkin in Art, Movies.


“Ah… perhaps a little more salt, and for the final ingredient… the POISON!!!”

The major find at today’s round of yardsales was a copy of The Vincent Price Treasury of American Art, which seems an excellent and informative read, from my perusing so far of some sections. I guess the only drawback is that it’s NOT an audio book, since I’d love to hear that voice with it’s sinister giggle describe how Jackson Pollock reminds him of the messy floor of a murder scene.

Vincent Price was a 1933 Yale grad with a degree in art history, and added to that with graduate studies, advanced degrees in the subject & a lifetime of collecting. He was an expert on American Indian art, as well as a gourmet cook and author of four cookbooks.

AND he made some of the silliest and most enjoyable low budget horror movies EVER! Add them all up, and you get MY HERO!

The book is quite serious – no references to movies or Hollywood or anything – it’s purely about the art, with minibios of American painters from the colonial period to the modern, a subject I will confess I don’t know enough about, along with critiques of representative works. I read the sections on a couple of artists I am somewhat familiar with, Edward Hopper and Winslow Homer, and found them just fine.

“But don’t you see? They LAUGHED at me back at the university and refused my works for their galleries…but now they shall PAY! I will murder each and every one of those art critics, and pose their corpses in the guise of American art masterpieces, complete with their blood for my color palette….bwahahahahahahahaaaaaaa!”

Cut to pipe-smoking tweed jacketed British inspector: “We’ve got to stop him, guv’nor! He’s going alphabetically and he’s only up to Thomas Eakins, he is!”

Okay, that movie was never made. But it should have been.



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