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Patriots 38, Chargers 14 September 16, 2007

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.
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So now we know the answer to the question “Will it distract them, or fire them up?”

Same score as last week and against a better team. Let’s go to the videotape… oh wait, I guess that wasn’t a factor.

Rant Begins: Goodell keeps acting like there’s another shoe about to drop, however. Maybe if Brady did as many promotions and advertising tie-ins as league pet Peyton Manning, they’d leave my team alone. Or maybe they can make them play with giant weights attached to their ankles, Harrison Bergeron style SINCE THEY ARE CLEARLY THE BEST TEAM OUT THERE, DAMMIT! End of Rant.

Okay, they’re no Brown. I’ll give you that.

Next week, Buffalo! Someone call cigarette-smoking man!



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