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Why Can’t Television Look Like This Anymore? August 20, 2007

Posted by Jim Berkin in 1970s, Television.

Yes, it’s the news, brought to you by Burt Bacharach & Peter Max!

I found this one while playing Duelling-’70s-YouTube with a friend of mine. I soon realized I needed to learn more about the psychadelic news team that had all of Cleveland dancing over ten thousand midnights ago.

It turns out that Dorothy Fuldheim was the first woman to anchor a television newcast, and “I Like The Cut Of His…” Gib Shanley was the voice of the old Cleveland Browns.

Funny how I pegged Gib as the sports guy solely from his jacket in the clip. Don’t ask me, I can’t explain my mysterious psychic powers any more than you can.

And the composer of the tune? Well, none other than Frank Gari, a rather prolific producer of jingles over the past thirty-odd years. He’s one of those guys you’ve never heard of, yet you probably hear something he’s responsible for every day. He also wrote “Be All You Can Be” for the US Army and “Be A Pepper” for Dr. Pepper. “Catch 5” for WEWS in Cleveland was the first news theme he wrote.

So while television might not look like this clip, a lot of it still sounds like Frank Gari. Who knew?



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